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Hello! I'm Jeremy M. Harris, from Flint, Michigan, USA. I work in Information Technology for the University of Michigan Health System. I tend to be a generalist, minimalist, humanist, and a fatalist. Or at least a cynic. :) That aside, I'm generally a mellow and nice gentleman (sometimes to my detriment). I am a Chief (administrator) here at Battlestar Wiki, please don't hesitate to contact me if I can assist you.
For more info about me:

I think I'm funny, which leads to much activity on Wiki Frakr. Come join in with the wackiness! Our fearless leader has a serious comedic side. No really, I mean it! :) See here if you don't believe me.

Some of my other interests:

  • I play bass guitar, some guitar, a little drums, and I sing a bit. Would love to tack piano/keyboard on there at some point. I can't read music, but I was gifted with a great ear (genetic legacy from my father and his father before him) and a good sense of timing.
  • Generally I am interested in most all things science fiction, but I am a huge Dune fan. I own the entire series in hardback (yes, even the less-than-inspiring Prequels and Legends) and I consider the original Dune novel one of the finest works of human literature ever. God Emperor of Dune is another in the series that I hold in high esteem.
  • I enjoy writing as well as reading. I would someday like to write a novel; for now I am sharpening my skills by writing short stories in some of my favorite universes. Yes, I know, fan fiction, the dregs ... but I hold myself to an extremely high standard; I limit my story length, avoid use of major characters, pick a theme for the story and stick to it. You will find no "Picard and Crusher get it on" crap in my portfolio. I have completed a story set in the The Matrix universe titled "Thicker Than Water" ... I'll probably make it available for the community's comments at some point soon.
  • I love animals in general and dogs in particular. I miss my beautiful, intelligent, well-behaved white wolf/German shepherd mix named Minerva, every day. She lived in the bosom of my family for 11 awesome years.
A Personally Relevant BSG Quotation

From The Son Also Rises:

  • Romo Lampkin (ostensibly) confides in Caprica about his tortured romantic past:
Lampkin: I loved a woman. Beautiful, beautiful woman. But so serious. This frowning face, trapped in the middle of a daisy. She had a way of walking, processional. As if she were o­n her way to her own execution. We had ten years. Then it fell apart under its own weight.
Caprica: Is that what you wanted?
Lampkin: I thought if I could get over her, I could get over anything. I could endure. Conquer. Be a man, stand up to any and all kind of punishment. I clung to an empty, spinning bed for months. And that... that is when I finally realized how much I loved her. If I needed all that strength, ...what, was the point? I needed to be with her.
My Usual Tasks

__ Rolling the dice - Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you'll get.
__ Cleaning up and standardizing the "Notes" section in all articles.
__ Fixing minor typos and grammar issues.
__ Finding, nominating, and commenting on new Quality articles.
__ Attempting to be funny at Wiki Frakr.

Favorite Articles

__ New Caprican loco weed: My first full article contribution.
__ Silly Pages: They're fun!
__ Battle of New Caprica: Lots of detail and excellent images.
__ Anne Cofell Saunders: An excellent, detailed Crew page. Also, women who are into Sci-fi are a serious turn-on. :)
__ Virgon Brew: I'm a Virgo, and I love most all types of beer. Perhaps I should homebrew my own Virgon Brew. A thought!

Favorite Episodes

__ The Plan. I enjoyed it ... retconning done right!
__ Someone to Watch Over Me. As a father, and a musician, this one really struck home on many levels.
__ No Exit. Exposition! Explanations!
__ Six of One. Internal Cylon politics! Numbers for the models! Lee heading towards the Presidency. Seelix looking good.
__ Exodus, Part II. Of course, the atmospheric drop. As Hotdog says: "Well, this ought to be different."
__ Act of Contrition. The scene when Starbuck owns up to Adama about Zak ... classic.
__ Unfinished Business. Boxing, flashbacks, and recreational drug use. My kind of episode!


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Inactive. I'm around now and again. Not as much as I should be, probably ... and not as much as I'd like. I'm just about ready to re-watch BSG again; that should provide fodder for some articles ....


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