Template:Country flag

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The better way to use this template is {{flag}}. This is the template that creates all the options and keeps track of the different flags.

Flag Table
Code Outputs Example Code
Earth [1] {{Country flag}}
AU AUS AUS {{Country flag|AU}}
BE BEL BEL {{Country flag|BE}}
CA CAN CAN {{Country flag|CA}}
DE DE DE {{Country flag|DE}}
EE EST EST {{Country flag|EE}}
ES ES ES {{Country flag|ES}}
FI FIN FIN {{Country flag|FI}}
FR FR FR {{Country flag|FR}}
IL IL IL {{Country flag|IL}}
IRL IRL IRL {{Country flag|IRL}}
IT IT IT {{Country flag|IT}}
JP JP JP {{Country flag|JP}}
MY MY MY {{Country flag|MY}}
NL NL NL {{Country flag|NL}}
NO NOR NOR {{Country flag|NO}}
NZ NZ NZ {{Country flag|NZ}}
PH PH PH {{Country flag|PH}}
PL PL PL {{Country flag|PL}}
SA SA SA {{Country flag|SA}}
SE SWE SWE {{Country flag|SE}}
SW SW SW {{Country flag|SW}}
TR TR TR {{Country flag|TR}}
UK UK UK {{Country flag|UK}}
UN UN UN {{Country flag|UN}}
US USA USA {{Country flag|US}}
USUK[2] US/UK US/UK {{Country flag|USUK}}
ZH ZH ZH {{Country flag|ZH}}


  1. If no code is entered, you get the Earth Flag.
  2. To be used only for showing the English Language.