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  • ...c book writer who co-wrote (with [[Joshua Ortega]]) the ''[[List_of_Comics#Battlestar_Galactica:_Cylon_War|Cylon War]]'' miniseries. He is also known for writing comics ba * ''[[List_of_Comics#Battlestar_Galactica:_Cylon_War|Battlestar Galactica: Cylon War]]''
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  • ...mic book writer who co-wrote (with [[Eric Nylund]]) the ''[[List_of_Comics#Battlestar_Galactica:_Cylon_War|Cylon War]]'' miniseries, but is primarily known for writing [[D * ''[[List_of_Comics#Battlestar_Galactica:_Cylon_War|Battlestar Galactica: Cylon War]]''
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  • ..."Chinese," there are brief instances of Chinese characters in [[TRS]]: "[[Battlestar_Galactica:_The_Resistance#Notes|The Resistance]]" and on [[Caprica_City#Related_Image
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